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What's the Difference Between Landline and Cell Phone Numbers?

You may have noticed that until very recently no one had ever even heard of a reverse phone number search. Well, technology has indeed given us something we can be thankful for with this useful tool. I mean, who in their right mind would attempt to search through billions of numbers without the help of a computer? I know I wouldn't.

But to this date hundreds of thousands of people have used reverse search to get the information they want and need. Nearly 1.2 million people a day search google every day for information on reverse look ups. You're in good company.

Reverse Search Legality

You'll be happy to know that doing a reverse phone number search is perfectly legal in the United States. The only type of phone search that is prohibited by U.S. law is a 'forward cell phone search'. And with good reason. This prevents telemarketers from compiling databases to harass potential customers with relentless promotions. Have you ever gotten a telemarketing call on your cell phone? I haven't. We can thank the lawmakers for that.

Landline vs. Cell Numbers

Here's a quick breakdown of how this works. Land line numbers, being a matter of public record, are easy to organize with a powerful enough database. Cell phone numbers are another story. Reverse sites such as this one, that include cell phone number searches as well, have to license this information from the cell phone providers themselves.

Not only that, they have to continually update their databases to keep it accurate. This is why some sites charge a hefty subscription price to access their databases. In the past, these costs might have been a few hundred dollars, and you'd only get access to a limited number of searches.

Thankfully, with the current popularity of reverse phone lookups we've been able to reduce that cost significantly. Now you are able to access the information you want at a substantial discount. Not only that, you'll get a good amount of information for free right off the bat when you use the search box below. That way you can see for yourself if you want the full report.

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