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What Was The Wireless 411 Directory?

Wireless 411 Directory

Several years ago all the many diverse cell phone providers began to discuss plans on a new directory for wireless cell phone numbers. The idea dissolved not too long after the meeting with concerns about how telemarketers might exploit the new database. Well, it's on the back burner for now, but who knows how long it will be before they decide that it's lucrative enough for them to go through with it. For now though we seem to be pretty safe.

Now just because they didn't do it does not mean that therefore a reverse cell phone number directory can't exist. Quite the opposite in fact.But it does require tremendous time and effort and money to maintain it. Especially if it's going to be a useable database. The numbers have to be combined from millions of disconnected records into one single useful database. Because of this required work, there's usually a small fee associated to doing a search. Sometimes even those that do charge a fee don't even have a complete database to work with.

The one that I use is They've always provided the most comprehensive information. And they say, although it's never happened to me personally in one of my reverse lookups, that if you don't get the information you want they'll return your fee right away, no hassle. This makes me trust their database over other less reputable and less comprehensive directory services.

I've included a box here below from so you can see for yourself....Get started by entering your first phone number that you are concerned about below and hit search.

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